About Us

What is Authentic8?

We provide a comprehensive authentication system for companies who want to centralize all of their online user log-ins to third-party systems and in doing so, streamline your user management and security.

Why are we here?

Here at Authentic8, we identified a serious problem with the way companies manage their online user logins when using third-party systems.


What is the problem?

Well, I'm sure you are all very familiar with having to use numerous logins for every-single third-party online system you use within your company. On top of this, multiply the problem by how many users you have and it quickly becomes unmanageable.

The main problem is with how your company deals with users leaving your company:

  • How do you disable all the third-party system logins?
  • Do you even know what systems they had access to?
  • How long does it take to do all this?

On top of this, you have no central management system for the user passwords either. You also have the problem of having numerous third-party systems, all with very limited security and access policies.

I'm sure you have seen in the news about all the security breaches to online systems, even to large companies. Due to their limited security access control, your business WILL be vulnerable.


What is the solution?

Here at Authentic8, we are dedicated to providing the most secure and controlled authentication system available.

We offer numerous features like:

  • Optional 2-step authentication via email.
  • Custom password strength policies like minimum length, (default is 9 characters), and password complexity, (lower and UPPER characters, numbers and symbols).
  • Custom historic password policy so your users cannot use the same password again, (default is 15).
  • Custom password expiry, (default is 30 days).
  • Custom client, office and contact based access policies including:
    • IP address restrictions.
    • Day-of-week restrictions.
    • Time-of-day restrictions.
    • Holiday restrictions.

As you can see, we offer a whole host of security and access control systems to make sure your business is as secure and maintainable as possible.




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